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Hill Farm Packington has its own farm gift shop, which is teeming with weird and wonderful items available for purchase.

The gift shop has a range of hand-knitted 100% Alpaca products and toys, antler gifts, scented candles, clocks, cushions, coasters and table mats.

We also stock a generous supply of imported Alpaca goods, following a visit by Andrew and Janice in 2018, straight from the Quechua tribes of the Andes. The products are 100% natural Alpaca wool, and directly benefit the native tribes who created unique pieces using ancient traditional methods and dyes. The Andean products complement own collection of Alpaca wool and products from Hill Farm’s own herd. Both undyed and unbleached, our fleece is spun into wool straight from our Alpacas.

We have also recently started to stock a collection of items handmade from the Antlers off our herd of Red Forest Deer. Their antlers drop of naturally every year and are collected to make goods such as chandeliers, candle holders, cheese knives, and walking sticks. Each year, as the herd grows older, the stags grow an extra point on their antlers, marking another year of age, which means our antler products will only get more impressive as time goes by.


If you have any enquiries before visiting us, please don't hesitate to call us on 01530 411984 and we will be more than happy to assist.

*The meat products are available for collection in the farm shop but not for online sale at present

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Antlers and Alpaca

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Hill Farm

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LE65 1WU



Antlers and Alpaca Farm shop and café are open Wednesday to Saturday 10.00 – 3.00pm and Sunday 10.00 – 1.00pm.

Bank holiday hours may differ, but you can always call us on the number listed above to ask about our products or our opening hours.  

If would like to purchase any of our products outside of shop opening hours, just make an appointment and we will be more than happy to show you around. 

Alpaca Wool

in Leicestershire

Alpacas were introduced on the farm in 2008. We currently have 33 Alpacas at Hill Farm split into male and female groups. Our alpacas are of the Huacaya breed, having a very crimpy fleece that gives them a fluffy appearance. Each summer we shear the alpacas and have their fleece made into balls of wool. The wool is both luxurious and soft and is warmer and stronger than most sheep wool. It is free from natural oils which may cause allergic reactions. Our wool is 100% natural as we do not bleach or dye our wool, so the colours can be matched directly to the Alpaca it can from.