Safety information

For your stay

Please pay particular attention to the information provided in this document, as in which it describes how to stay safe during your stay with us.

Included in this document is:

  • Useful telephone numbers
  • Staying safe during your break
  • Avoiding illnesses/infections
  • Security
  • First aiders
  • Emergency services
  • Dangerous items
  • Fire prevention
  • Barbeques
  • Fire action – in your accommodation
  • Children’s safety
  • Allergies and dietary requirements
  • Around the farm


Useful telephone numbers:

The farmhouse: 01530 411984

Andrew Sumnall – Business owner: 07709 032390

Janice Sumnall – Business Manager/ First aider: 07889 418054

Charley Greenwood – Admin/First aider: 07401 159484

Castle medical group – nearest doctors surgery: 01530 414131

Emergency services: 999 – please also call Andrew or the Farmhouse


Staying safe during your break

We’re are sure you will enjoy your relaxing stay with us here at Hill Farm. To ensure your stay is as safe as possible, both for yourself and other guests, we have put together this guide for staying safe during your stay. Please read and follow the advice given below. Should you have any questions about this document or the services we provide, please do not hesitate to call us on 01530 411984.

While we take every precaution to ensure your safety during your stay, please remember that you remain responsible for your own safety and the safety of the members of your party.


Avoiding illness/infections

Farms and farm animals are very unhygienic, and while we take every precaution to ensure the safety of our guests and staff, bacteria and illness is always present. Animals and their pens are particularly high risk areas for bacteria and infections they may cause. A common bacterial infection on farms is E.coli 0157, which is especially harmful to young children, when an animal is infected with this bacteria, it can appear in their dropping and will be on the animal’s body, fences and surfaces all around them. Touching these surfaces can then lead to infection, which you can transfer to your mouth accidentally. It only takes a small amount of E.coli 0157 bacteria to cause an infection.

Washing your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water after coming into contact with the animals is essential and can help stop the spread of bacteria.



For your safety, and the security of the farm, we have installed a number of CCTV cameras across the premises, which are consistently monitored. However, it is impractical to guarantee the security of your property and ask you to take all precautions necessary.

Your personal property is your own responsibility during you stay with us. Do not leave your accommodation, cars, or belonging unattended or unsecured.


Firs aiders

There are 2 first aiders on site, Janice Sumnall contactable on 07889 418054, and Charley Greenwood contactable on 07401 159484. Both first aiders can provide general fist aid and limited medical assistance. As such it would be necessary for a guest to be able to administer or attend to their own medical need or have someone with them who can do so.


Emergency services

If you contact the emergency services directly, please inform a member of staff or call 01530 411984. This will assist  us and prevent any delay to the emergency services entering the premises and finding the emergency.


Dangerous items

You may not bring or use any fireworks – including sparklers – or Chinese lanterns, shotguns, knives, firearms, air weapon, archery equipment, illegal substances, or any similar item onto the farm under any circumstances. Drones are not permitted on the farm.


Fire prevention

Please remember that you are in a forest/countryside environment. In order to minimise the risk of an outbreak of a fire there are a number of important measures to remember.

  • Do not light fires, unless within a BBQ
  • Do not leave items unattended on cookers, BBQ’s, in ovens or grills
  • Smoking is not permitted in the cabin, however, it is permitted on the decking outside but please dispose of matches and cigarettes carefully
  • Do not bring any fireworks of any kind onto the farm, any guests found to be using them will be asked to the leave the premises
  • Use and dispose of BBQ’s correctly
  • Do not use candles and tealights in the log cabin

At certain times of the year, especially throughout the summer, the entire farm will be declared a high risk fire area. Smoking in and around the accommodation will not be permitted, and only authorised on the main farmyard. Signs will alert you to this fact.



  • BBQ’s are only permitted on the patios of the log cabins, and on the campsite they must be raised off of the ground.
  • Where BBQ’s are permitted, please ensure they are never left unattended and embers are thoroughly extinguished before being left to cool
  • Do not empty hot charcoal or ashes into waste bins, wait until they are cold
  • Portable gas BBQ’s are not permitted


 Fire action in your accommodation

Upon arrival, please familiarise yourself with emergency procedures for dealing with fire. Notices are present in both log cabins. Please make sure your whole family is aware of escape routes.


Children’s safety

Although you are on a short break, it is vital to know where your children are and to supervise them at all times, particularly in play areas, near water and in the hot tubs. Please be aware that open water is present and exists throughout the farm. Please supervise your children carefully. Unless we have agreed to supervise them, all activities on the farm must have an adult supervisor for all children under 18.


Allergies and special dietary requirements

If a member of your party suffers from a particular allergy and you believe we may be able to carry out actions to help reduce the risk of exposure, please contact us on 01530 411984 to discuss this further.

If a member of your party has special dietary requirements, including allergies, and you would like to enjoy a meal or snack in our farm café during your stay, please contact Charley on 01530 411984, or email [email protected] before your arrival. Our café cook is trained in Allergy awareness.


Around the farm

The farm has a very strict 10mph speed limit, however the main road that runs through the farm is a public highway  although traffic is very occasional, and has no road markings. As this is a government owned road, we can do nothing to alter the speed, or the conditions of the road. It is important to make all guests aware of the danger of crossing this road into the main farmyard. Please ensure that all children are supervised by a capable adult.

Farm traffic is always present on our farm, and the use of telehandler and tractors is a common site. Our staff are very well trained to use the machines safely when the public are present, but we ask all visitors to be aware of their movements, and again to supervise all children.

There are no loose animals on our farm, they are all enclosed in spacious pens/fields, so there is no danger to our guests and staff when enjoying our farm. Access to these enclosures is strictly prohibited, and anyone found to be entering these enclosures will be asked to leave the premises.

We have taken all possible actions to protect our staff and visitors when on the farm. If you see something that you think may cause harm to someone, please contact a member of staff, or call 01530 411984 immediately.

If you have any questions about our farm, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]